Wardens of Eternity by Courtney Allison Moulton

Expected publication: January 21st 2020 by Blink

Ziva Ellison has one memory of her parents, made the day they abandoned her on the streets of New York City when she was three years old. They left her with only a memory and a promise that she had a great and terrible destiny.

Fifteen years later, Ziva discovers that destiny includes powers that she doesn’t understand and can barely control. Her magic attracts vicious, otherworldly monsters, and eventually compatriots to help her fight them. Sayer and Nasira know the secrets Ziva doesn’t; that Ziva is descended from Egyptian royalty and in possession of ancient magic passed down from the time of the gods. They promise to teach Ziva to control her magic and to give her the family she’s always yearned for.

But trouble is brewing in the world around them; darkness is descending on Hitler’s Germany, threatening World War II. As the last heir of a revered Egyptian queen, Ziva is the only one with the power to prevent another costly global conflict. As Ziva navigates her newfound abilities and makes a connection with Anubis and other Egyptian gods, the Nazis are hunting for the ultimate weapon, and Ziva has caught their interest.


Ziva is barely staying alive in New York City, fighting for survival every minute of every day. Abandoned by her parents, her last memory of them has left her with nothing but the feeling of betrayal and strange powers beyond her control. Her power seems limitless, and dangerous. It seems to attract creatures straight out of myth, and all in one night she falls into a new world of magic and monsters.

Not only does Ziva have her own destiny to reckon with, she finds that she is caught in the center of a deadly rivalry between the ancient gods, some of which seek to destroy her. And if Ziva can manage to evade the wrath of the God of Chaos, can she also avoid the watchful eye of Nazi Germany, threatening World War II?

“The girl is a means to an end – Nefertari’s end. I will have what was promised to me.”

Wardens of Eternity is a great blend of history and legend, the creatures and beings of Ancient Egypt in sync with our own world’s history. The plot runs smoothly from the very beginning, introducing character and personality seamlessly. The central conflict of the story is stated early on, leaving the subplots and minor conflicts to be introduced as the story continues.

One of the things worth noting is that, while the plot and main characters were introduced early, the whole thing took several chapters to pick up its pace, as far as the action goes. Another thing is that the romance aspect of the story seems slightly rushed, like its dropped in without much warning. The author hints at the two characters’ attraction to each other relatively early, though without giving much of an indication that the attraction is there outside of the narration. I never felt a spark between them while reading, it seeming more like a subplot romance rather than central. Nevertheless, it adds a layer of tension to the story that most young adult novels take pride in establishing.

My recommendation is for young adult readers and those who enjoy fantasy/history crossovers. Some of the romantic and violent content is at the young adult level, but I would also say that the writing style would be easy for slightly younger audiences to read as well. On this note, the romance minimal, but the violence is fairly brutal throughout. There is no coarse language to speak of.


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