Forgotten City by Michael Ford

Published October 9th 2018 by HarperCollins

Thirteen years ago, the world ended. A deadly chemical called Waste began to spread across the globe, leaving devastation in its wake. Millions died. Cities fell into chaos. Anything the Waste didn’t kill, it mutated into threatening new forms.

Kobi has always believed he and his dad were the only survivors. But when his dad goes missing, Kobi follows his trail—and discovers a conspiracy even deadlier than the Waste itself.


So many thoughts and feelings tangled in his mind, such deep confusion, but the foremost was betrayal. The man in the hologram was talking to his father, he was calling him Jon. And that meant one thing…

In the Waste-infected ruins of Seattle, Kobi and his dad have to fight every day to survive. They are alone in a dangerous new world, filled with mutated creatures and deadly technology… Or so Kobi thought.

All it takes is the arrival of other humans, other kids like himself, and Kobi’s whole world is shattered overnight. The sudden knowledge that there are other survivors fills him with doubt: Did his father know about this? How much more was he not telling him?

This book is perfect for fans of futuristic/slightly sci-fi novels. While told from the narration’s point of view, the story hides all but Kobi’s thoughts from the reader. There’s so much suspense to get through and secrets to uncover that I was glued to the pages, even up until the last word. The first part of presumably a series of its own, Forgotten City is gripping and action-packed right from the start.

Michael Ford is exceptional at conveying emotion through his characters. I could almost feel exactly what Kobi was feeling, and I was able to connect with him as the protagonist in a way that lent the story my full interest and attention.

I would recommend Forgotten City to middle grade readers. With a distinct echo of James Dashner’s The Maze Runner, Ford’s story had no coarse language, romance of any kind, or violence. Any middle grade reader who enjoys non-stop action, high stakes, and adventure would love this book!

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