What is the deal with ​social media influencers?


I am sure if you are on Instagram you have seen the many influencer/rep searches that businesses hold throughout the year. I thought that I would address a few questions you might have about influencers and how you might become one.

What is an influencer or a rep? Influencers are Instagram users who have an existing social media audience and are using their platform to promote different brands and ideals.

Are they paid to promote products? This can depend, many reps are given products for free with the expectation of promotion and review on their social media channels. Some are paid promotions and they are usually stated as such.

Can I trust that they are being truthful? This is where your own discernment comes in. If you have been following someone on social media – you can probably get a feel for their personality and character. You need to decide whether they are being truthful or not.


What do you need to become a rep or influencer? Basic start: you need a platform of some kind – whether is it facebook, instagam, twitter, blogs etc.. and you need a following. High follower count is not everything that companies look for – engagement levels between you and your followers is SO important.

How can I become a rep? Start entering rep/influencer searches on your social media – Instagram is full of them. It is important to stick within your niche and apply for searches of companies you are already following, buying from and would potentially buy from.

BASICALLY –  Be Sincere. Be Engaging. Be Deliberate and Have FUN!







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