The Art of the Book Un-Haul

the art of the book un-haul

Too many books? Although I honestly think that there can be no such thing – there does come a time in every book lovers life when you start to run out of room on your bookshelves. I am here to give you some helpful tips to make your book un-haul as easy and as painless as possible.


Multiple copies of the same book: Perhaps you have the same title in both hardcover and paperback? Or different editions? It is time to say goodbye to doubles and pick your favourite!

DNF books: Do you have a stack of books that you just could not get through? Take another look at them and seriously ask yourself why you didn’t finish them in the first place and then say goodbye to those titles that just did not catch your interest. If they didn’t before – chances are they won’t the next time you pick it up.

Low rated books: If you were not a fan the first time around, you are probably not going to read it again. Add it to the pile and make room for books that you do like!

Damaged books: It happens. Sometimes books get ripped, dropped in water or who knows what, but if they are unreadable then they are taking up valuable space on your shelves.

Borrowed books: It is time to return them to their rightful owners. You can always buy your own copy to fill all the space you’ve created with your unhaul!


Be realistic: Take a good hard look at your TBR pile, if you know that you are never going to read a book then why are you keeping it around?

Now that you have picked books that no longer hold a place in your book loving heart, what should you do with them?

Used Bookstores: Check local used bookstores to see if they have a trade in or consignment program – it is a great way to help local business AND give you some credit towards books that you actually will read.

Sell them online: There are so many online selling options if you are willing to put in the time! Check for local selling sites or even on your social media.


Donate them: Check in with local thrift shops, charity book sales and even local schools  and libraries to see if they are accepting books. If you choose to go the donation route – please only donate books in good condition, don’t make extra work for the amazing volunteers and staff that make these places run!

Recycle or Upcycle: If they are unreadable – then to the recycling bin they go! Or if you are super crafty there are lots of great up cycled book page projects floating around Pinterest that you can try! Check out our board of Upcycling ideas!

There you have it! I hope this helps you make room on your shelves for new books (perhaps ones included in the amazing VIBookcrates…).

 Now I am going to try to take me own advice and take a closer look at my bookshelves! GOOD LUCK!!!



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