The Mona Lisa Key (Time castaways #1) – Liesl Shurtliff


Published September 18th 2018 by Katherine Tegen Books

When Matt, Ruby, and Corey Hudson discover their subway train is actually a time-travelling eighteenth-century frigate captained by a mysterious pirate, they are thrown into a series of adventures that offer cryptic clues about their past and their future.



The Hudson siblings have very few rules. They are not allowed to talk to strangers and they are definitely not allowed to take public transportation without an adult. One morning after their parents mysteriously take off in the early hours – the children decide to break those rules and take the subway to school by themselves – which turns out to be the time travelling ship the “Vermillion” that is captained by a mysterious time pirate named Captain Vincent and his crew of time misfits.

The children set off on an adventure through time under the impression that they are saving precious items from destruction. They begin to discover that there are many secrets that the captain is holding close and as they start to dig for the truth they begin to get in serious danger.

This is a fantastic first of a series from author Liesl Shurtliff. It is action packed and full of intrigue. I think that all middle-grade readers will enjoy it – including teens and adults. I personally cannot wait to see what happens next!



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